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I am happy to share PDFs of articles and chapters if you cannot otherwise access these materials; please reach out via email.

Global South Studies: A Collective Publication with The Global South
co-director, with Anne Garland Mahler (U. of Virginia) and Leigh Anne Duck (U. of Mississippi)

Book Review: The Global South and Literature, ed. Russel West-Pavlov (Cambridge UP, 2018), Comparative Literature Studies 56.3: 609-612. Link.

Essay: “Representing Dictatorship in the Global South” (Key Issues). July 30. Global South Studies. Link.


Monograph: The Dictator Novel: Writers and Politics in the Global South. Northwestern UP.
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Journal Article: “Tales from the Corpolony: Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s Wizard of the Crow and the Dictator-Novel in the Time of Transition.” Special Issue on Performances of Sovereignty in African Dictator-Fiction. Research in African Literatures 49.3: 223-240 Link

Book Review: From the Tricontinental to the Global South: Race, Radicalism, and Transnational Solidarity by Anne Garland Mahler (Duke UP, 2018), Chasqui 47.2: R43-45 Link


Chapter: “Marvelous Autocrats: Disrupted Realisms in the Dictator-Novel of the South Atlantic.” In The Global South Atlantic. Ed. Kerry Bystrom and Joseph R. Slaughter. Fordham UP. pp. 186-204  
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Journal Article: “Afronauts: On Science Fiction and the Crisis of Possibility.” Special Issue on African Science Fiction. Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry 3.3: 273-290 Link

Translation and Introduction: “On Language and Empire: The Prologue to Grammar of the Castilian Language (1492).” PMLA 131.1 (January): 197-208 Link



Chapter: “The Dictator and his Objects: The Status of the Fetish in the African Dictator-Novel.” In Unmasking the African Dictator: Essays on Postcolonial African Literature. Ed. Gichingiri Ndigirigi. U of Tennessee P. pp. 186-209
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Chapter: “The Unfaithful Chronicler: On Writing about the Dictator in Henri Lopès’s Le Pleurer-rire.” In Unmasking the African Dictator: Essays on Postcolonial African Literature. pp. 70-94


Review Essay: In the Name of the Mother: Reflections on Writers and Empire and Globalectics: Theory and the Politics of Knowing by Ngugi wa Thiong’o. e-misférica 11.1: “The Decolonial Gesture” Link


Introduction: “Dislocations.” The Global South 7.2: 1-10 (guest editor) Link

Journal Article: “Beyond Metaphor: Juana Manuela Gorriti and Discourses of the Nation Under Juan Manuel de Rosas.” Latin American Literary Review 82.42: 26-46 Link

Book Review: The Nation Writ Small: African Fictions and Feminisms 1958-1988 by Susan Z. Andrade. Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East 33.1: 125-126 Link



Co-Authored Essay: “Building Bridges,” with Shira Klein and Alexis Kuerbis. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning (March/April): 57-58 Link



Journal Article: “Un Texto (Ex)Céntrico: Nation, Narrative, and Archive in Lucio V. Mansilla’s Una excursión a los indios ranqueles.” Latin American Literary Review 37.72: 52-82 Link