Welcome, I am the Caroline D. Eckhardt Early Career Professor of Comparative Literature and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature at the Pennsylvania State University. This site contains updates on my research (publications and presentations) and teaching as well as contact information.


Upcoming: Global South Studies Symposium & Workshop at the University of Virginia

MARCH 29-30, 2019

Organizer: Anne Garland Mahler, U. of Virginia

This event brings together an interdisciplinary and multinational groups of scholars, artists, and activists to consider the impact of capitalist globalization on diverse spaces and peoples and the transformative futures envisioned from those spaces.

A workshop, led by directors of Global South centers, will be dedicated to the discussion of program building, curriculum, and the advancement of the field of Global South Studies.


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"The Historical Novel and Global-Knowing: Booms, Genre, and the Uses of Comparison”

Out now: "Tales from the Corpolony: Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s 'Wizard of the Crow' and the Dictator-Novel in the Time of Transition" (essay)