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Global South Panels at MLA 2019

Waste, Garbage, and Effluence in the Global South
3:30 PM–4:45 PM Thursday, Jan 3, 2019
Hyatt Regency - Grand Suite 5

Presider: Rosemary J. Jolly, Penn State U, University Park

  • “Scenes from the Global South: Women’s Bodies as Waste in Bolaño’s 2666”
    Alfred J. Lopez, Purdue U, West Lafayette

  • “Tracing Global Waste Flows: The High-Context Ecopoetics of Rita Wong”
    Sharon Tran, U of Southern California

  • “Neoliberal Disgust, Scatological Satire, and the Postcolonial Novel”
    Alexander Adkins Jaramillo, California State U, Fresno

Forthcoming in 2019: 'The Dictator Novel: Writers and Politics in the Global South' (July)

Out now: Review of 'From the Tricontinental to the Global South' by Anne Garland Mahler (Duke UP, 2018)