Welcome, I am the Caroline D. Eckhardt Early Career Professor of Comparative Literature and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature at the Pennsylvania State University. This site contains updates on my research (publications and presentations) and teaching as well as contact information.


Global South Panels at MLA 2018

The World in Motion: Transnational Environmental Approaches to Forced Movements, Migrations, and Refuge Seeking
Friday, 5 January
12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., Central Park West, Sheraton

PresidingRosemary J. Jolly, Penn State U, University Park
1. “The Local-Global Connections in Chinese Migrant Workers’ Literature,” Xiaojing Zhou, U of the Pacific
2. “The Documented and the Undocumented: Indigenous Migrants and Refuge-Seeking Immigrants,” Basuli Deb, City U of New York

Planetary Life in the Contemporary Petrosphere
Friday, 5 January
3:30–4:45 p.m., New York, Hilton

Presiding: Anne Garland Mahler, U of Virginia
1. “Cultivating the Local in Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing’s he Mushroom at the End of the World and Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies,” Stacey Balkan, Florida Atlantic U
2. “Petro-Affect: Toward a Reading of Oil’s Ubiquity in Pelo Malo, by Mariana Rondón,” María Silvia Montenegro, U of Arizona
3. “Salvage and the Accidental Future,” Jennifer Wenzel, Columbia U
4. “Petro-Politics in the Ecological Crisis of Ecuador’s Progressive Government,” Jonathan Aguirre, Princeton U

South-South Translation: The Geopolitics and Geopoetics of Circulation
Saturday, 6 January
1:45–3:00 p.m., Midtown, Hilton

Presiding: Mary Louise Pratt, New York U
1. “Circulation without Translation? Truth and Reconciliation Commission Discourses between Chile and South Africa,” Loren Kruger, U of Chicago
2. “Sentimental Translation in the Global South,” Jang Wook Huh, U of Washington, Seattle
3.“A Case of Exploding Markets: Latin American and South Asian Literary Booms in a Comparative Perspective,” Roanne Kantor, Harvard U
4. “El realismo mágico in Arabic: Globalization, Best Sellers, and Other Problems in South-South Cultural Exchanges,” Eman Morsi, Dartmouth C

Presentations at MLA 2018 (New York, NY)

"Between the Archive and the Text: Fathers of the Fatherlands, the Latin American boom, and the Dictator-Novel in the Global South"